Pluma Oaxaca, Mexico

Our company's goal is to bring out customers the highest quality mexican speciality coffee, and at the same time working with mexican indigenous coffee farmers so that they understand and develop thechniques to procedure speciality quality coffee and become a self sustainable community with strong values oriented to protecting the environment. We buy directly from the farmers who get a larger income due to the elimination of middle men and the higher quality processed coffee beans.

Café carey "Pluma Hidalgo Oaxaca" is a shade grown mountain coffee from the southern sierra mountains in the pacific coast of Oaxaca; with Physical characteristics that include 1,500 millimeters average annual rainfall, farms located between 950 to 1,500 meters above sea level and average temperature of 20 to 24 degrees celsius.

The unique microclimate created by combination of high altitude mountain climate with a constant sea breeze from the pacific ocean that wraps the coffee trees almost every day of the year, result in a unique coffee cup with mild acidity and great sweetness

Our master roasters have developed a blend that enhances these qualities that give you a balanced cup of coffee with hints of citric fruit and berries as well as sweet notes of chocolate.