Our master roasters have developed a blend that enhances the qualities of its origin and gives you a balanced cup of coffee with hints of citric fruits and berries as well as sweet notes of chocolate.


Our company's goal is to bring out customers the highest quality mexican speciality coffee, and at the same time working with mexican indigenous coffee farmers so that they understand and develop thechniques to procedure speciality quality coffee and become a self sustainable community with strong values oriented to protecting the environment.


Months from now, the beans from that day's harvest might be the very ones you purchase at your favorite store.


Carefully sourcing and roasting the highest quality beans, to supporting small farms and protecting the environment, we focus on what's important.

Chupacabra Coffee vs. The World

Chupacabra coffee has been one of the largest suppliers of signature gourmet coffee beans in Los Cabos, Baja California Sur for a long time. By virtue of a highly driven customer demand in North America, organic and fair-trade coffees are advantaged. As a result, the sustainable-coffee movement has been beneficial to Mexican coffee farmers. In fact, when it comes to growing and harvesting fair trade certified and organic coffee, Mexican coffee producers are world leaders.

Mexico's history of growing and exporting mountain-grown gourmet coffee for the world to enjoy dates back to the 1700s. Ranked 8th place on the top 10 Coffee Producing Countries in 2014, Mexico continues climbing to the first ranks as a consequence of its strategic geographic location that expedites exports to the USA. Most Mexican coffee farmers grow organically with self-made fertilizers. Mexico’s coffee beans have the characteristics of a light bodied coffee with a delicate flavor and bright acidity. Furthermore, other countries still use Mexican coffee beans as the foundation of their own blends.